Advisory Bodies

The role of advisory bodies is discussed in many publications dealing with (neo-)corporatism in the Netherlands (see below under 7.2), but English language publications on individual advisory councils are rare. There has been no recent update of R. Singh, Policy Development: a Study of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands, Rotterdam: Rotterdam University Press, 1972.

More recent publications on the advice structure for foreign policy are:

  • Ph.P. Everts, Academic Experts as Foreign Policy Advisers; the Functions of Government Advisory Councils in the Netherlands, in: M. Girard, W.D. Eberwein and K. Webb (eds.), Theory and Practice in Foreign Policy-Making, London: Pinter, 1994, pp. 64-81
  • C. Flinterman and Y.S. Klerk, The Advisory Committee on Human Rights and Foreign Policy in the Netherlands, Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, Vol.11 (1990), pp. 283-292.
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