Surveys of Dutch Political Science

Together, the following publications provide an overview of the development of, and of developments within, Dutch political science:

  • W.J.M. Kickert. and F.A. van Vught (eds.), Public Policy and Administration Sciences in the Netherlands. London etc.: Prentice Hall / Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1995
  • H. Daalder, Political Science in the Netherlands, European Journal of Political Research, Vol. 20:3-4 (1991), pp. 279-300
  • M.P.C.M. van Schendelen, Politics and Political Science in the Netherlands, PS: Political Science and Politics, Vol.20 (1987), pp. 790-799
  • A. Hoogerwerf, The Netherlands, in: W. G. Andrews (ed.), International Handbook of Political Science. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1982, pp. 227-24
  • J.V. Rijpperda Wierdsma and G. A. Hintzen, Political Science in the Netherlands, in: Contemporary Political Science: a Survey of Methods, Research and Teaching. Paris: UNESCO, 1950, pp. 280-293.

For the results of the five-yearly research assessment, see: A. Hoogerwerf et al., Research in Political Science, Public Administration and Communication Science in the Netherlands 1990-1994, Utrecht: VSNU, 1996.

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