Financial and Socio-economic Policy

Many of the publications listed under (neo-)corporatism (ad 7.2) also deal with the contents of welfare state policy in the Netherlands. Further on the Dutch welfare state, see:

  • R.C. Kloosterman, Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism? The Welfare State and the Post-Industrial Trajectory in the Netherlands After 1980, West European Politics, Vol. 17:4 (1994), pp. 166-190
  • P.L. Hupe, Beyond Pillarization: The (Post-) Welfare State in the Netherlands, European Journal of Politcial Research, Vol. 23 (1993), pp. 359-386
  • R.H. Cox, The Development of the Dutch Welfare State. From Workers’ Insurance to Universal Entitlement, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1993
  • R.H. Cox, Alternative Patterns of Welfare State Development: the Case of Public Assistance in the Netherlands, West European Politics, Vol. 13:4 (1990), pp. 85-103
  • J.W. Foppen, The Netherlands and the Crisis as a Policy Challenge: Integration or Ideological Manoeuvres? In: E. Damgaard, P. Gerlich, J.J. Richardson (eds.), The Politics of Economic Crisis. Lessons from Western Europe. (Aldershot etc.: Avebury and Gower, 1989).

On economic developments in general, see for example:

  • Social and Economic Council, Towards an Innovative Economy: Dutch Medium-Term Social and Economic Policy 1996-2000. The Hague: Social and Economic Council, 1996
  • B. van Ark, H. de Haan and J. de Jong, Characteristics of Economic Growth in the Netherlands during the Postwar Period, in: N. Crafts and G. Toniolo (eds), Economic Growth in Europe since 1945, Cambridge University Press. 

On some more specific financial and socio-economic policies, see for example:

  • J. de Vries and K. Yesilkagit, Core Executives and Party Policies: Privatisation in the Netherlands, West European Politics, Vol. 22 (1999), pp. 115-137
  • W. Asbeek Brusse and R.T. Griffiths, Easy Cartel Legislation and Cartel Policy in the Netherlands. In Memoriam: the Economic Competition Act (1956-1997), Acta Politica, Vol. 32 (1997), pp. 375-405
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  • K.P. Goudswaard, Budgetary policies in the Netherlands: 1982-1990. In: Finanzarchiv, Tubingen: J.C.B. Mohr, 1990, pp. 271-284.
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