Political History: General

Among the more important surveys of Dutch history in English are:

  • E.H. Kossmann, The Low Countries 1780-1940, Oxford: Clarendon, 1978
  • B.H.M.Vlekke, Evolution of the Dutch Nation, New York: Roy Publishers, 1945
  • P.J. Blok, History of the People of the Netherlands. 5 Vols., New York: Putnam’s, 1898-1912. 

For those looking for a concise synopsis of Dutch political history, including the postwar period, see:

  • J.A. Kossmann-Putto and E.H. Kossmann, The Low Countries: History of the Northern and Southern Netherlands, Rekkem: Stichting Ons Erfdeel, 1994
  • I. Schöffer, A Short History of the Netherlands, Amsterdam: Allert de Lange, 1973. 

For analyses by social scientists of long-term developments in Dutch nation-building and democratization, see:

  • Ph.S. Gorski, The Protestant Ethic Revisited: Disciplinary Revolution and State Formation in Holland and Prussia, American Journal of Sociology, Vol.99 (1993), pp. 265-317
  • H. Spoormans, Changing Perspectives. On Theoretical Explanations of Democratisation in the Netherlands, The Netherlands Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.27 (1991), pp. 3-28
  • H. Daalder, Consociationalism, Centre and Periphery in the Netherlands, in: P. Torsvik (ed.), Mobilization, Center-Periphery Structures and Nation-Building; a Volume in Commemoration of Stein Rokkan, Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1981, pp. 181-240. 
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