Although more and more Dutch political scientists publish in international journals, two journals published in the Netherlands are of special interest. The official journal of the Dutch Political Science Association, Acta Politica (Meppel: Boom, 1965- ) has become a completely English language refereed journal starting with its 32d volume (1997-) Although its articles cover a much wider field than Dutch politics alone, this remains an important focus. Its book review section provides a useful English language bibliographical source on Dutch language books and dissertations. Even before Acta Politica decided to publish exclusively in English, it occasionally published special issues or individual articles in English. A selection of some articles previously published in English was reprinted as a special issue („Thirty Years of Change in Dutch and European Politics”, Acta Politica, Vol.31:4 (1996).

The Netherlands’ Journal of Social Sciences (Assen: Van Gorcum, 1964- ), earlier entitled Sociologia Neerlandica, has always been issued in English. Until 1998, it contained primarily translations of some of the best articles in sociology, political sciences and related fields that were published previously in Dutch.

Recent information on issues in Dutch politics, election results, new cabinets, and institutional changes can be found in the contributions of G. Voerman and P. Lucardie to the annual Political Data Yearbook, of the European Journal of Political Research.

For example: P. Lucardie and G. Voerman, The Netherlands, in: R.S. Katz and R. Koole (eds), Political Data Yearbook 1997, special issue of European Journal of Political Research, Vol.32:3-4 (1997), pp. 447-449.

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