Introductory Remarks

In the last decades, there has been an exponential growth in the number of publications on Dutch Politics and Government that have been written in English. As a consequence, this bibliography cannot claim to be exhaustive. In order to limit the size of this bibliography, conference papers and similarly fugitive material which may not be easily accessible even in well-equipped libraries have been excluded. Although papers on Dutch politics are regularly presented to congresses of the American Political Science Association, the International Political Science Association, the International Society of Political Psychology, the International Studies Association, and the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, special mention should be given to the annual Joint Sessions of Workshops of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR), which is the conference most frequented by Dutch political scientists. Papers presented to its Workshops can be obtained through the ECPR Central Services (located at the University of Essex, England). Also, publications based on comparative research in which the Netherlands was but one of several cases studied, have not been included. On the other hand, where appropriate, doctoral dissertations defended at Dutch universities have been included, as they normally take the form of a published book, and are easily accessed through Dutch libraries.

Furthermore, whenever the number of publications for a particular subfield was too large to list them all, a selection was made giving preference to books over articles, and to the most recent publications (without ignoring older but seminal publications). An attempt has been made to make the original list on which this selection is based as extensive as possible. For this purpose suggestions were sought from a large number of political scientists from various Dutch universities. Their assistance is gratefully acknowledged1.

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