Development Aid and Human Rights

On Dutch policy with regard to developing countries, see for example:

  • M. Breuning, Words and Deeds: Foreign Assistance Rhetoric and Policy Behavior in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States, International Studies Quarterly, Vol. 39 (1995), pp. 235-255
  • M. Doornbos, Development-Related Research in the Netherlands: the (Lacking) Political Dimension, Acta Politica, Vol. 28 (1993), pp. 171-177. 

The attention to human rights in Dutch foreign policy is discussed in: P.R. Baehr, Dilemmas in Human Rights Foreign Policy: the Case of the Netherlands. In: V. Mastny and J. Zielonka (eds.), Human Rights and Security: Europe on the Eve of a New Era. Boulder: Westview Press, 1991, pp. 119-129. 

These two foreign policy priorities sometimes clash, most famously in the case of Indonesia:

  • P.R. Baehr, Problems of Aid Conditionality: the Netherlands and Indonesia, Third World Quarterly, Vol.18 (1997), pp. 363-376
  • N.G. Schulte Nordholt, Aid and Conditionality: the Case of Dutch-Indonesian Relationships, in: O. Stokke (ed.), Aid and Political Conditionality, London: Cass, 1995, pp. 129-161
  • A.P. van den Ham, Development Cooperation and Human Rights: Indonesian-Dutch Aid Controversy, Internationale Spectator, Vol.33 (1993), pp. 531-539. 

Also see the publications on environmental concerns and development aid above, ad 9.2

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