Political Involvement

In addition to the entries on voter turnout, listed ad 5.2, and some of the publications mentioned under new social movements, ad 7.3, see:

  • A. van den Broek, Political Involvement in the Netherlands: Modes, Trends and Patterns, 1974-1990, Acta Politica, Vol. 29 (1994), pp. 173-197
  • A.C. Wille, The Accidental Activist: Potential Political Participation in the Netherlands. Amsterdam: PhD thesis University of Amsterdam, 1994
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  • C.W.A.M. Aarts, Non-Electoral Political Participation and its Social Context, Politics and the Individual, Vol.1 (1991), pp. 29-47. 

On the reaction to a very special form of political involvement, i. e. political terrorism, see: A.P. Schmid, Countering Terrorism in the Netherlands, Terrorism and Political Violence, Vol. 4:4 (1993), pp. 79-109.

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